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St. Anne ...

About The Emblem:


The St. Anne Medal is the highest National Recognition for adults who serve Catholic youth through girls'/boys' organizations.  This Recognition was inaugurated in 1957, and redesigned in 1980.  The purposes of the St. Anne Recognition are:


             To honor the outstanding services of adults who contribute to the spiritual development of Catholic young people in girls'/boys' organizations.


♦          To further Catholic adult leadership in youth ministry through national organizations serving girls/boys.


Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, is a fitting and apt model for this, the highest award given by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting to persons who have given selflessly to Catholic young women in the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Campfire Association. This award is given under the auspices of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry and careful evaluation by the Diocese of Belleville Catholic Committee on Scouting with the goal of being highly selective. This medal should be considered to be comparable to the St. George emblem for Boy Scouts. This medal is not an award to be earned, but rather an honor one is nominated for by others. As such, all nominations should be made confidentially to the selection committee of the Diocese of Belleville Catholic Committee on Scouting. The total number of St. Anne medals given in any calendar year will not exceed three.



                  Recipient should be of excellent character and exemplary in every way.


                  Recipient should be currently active with the organization served (ideally, registered members).  There are no national restrictions regarding recipients.  Recognition may be given to clergy, religious, non-Catholics, and lay persons.


                  Catholic recipients should be exemplary Catholics, with the support of their parish community and their respective pastors.  Non-Catholic recipients should be supported by their congregation and clergy.


                  A minimum of seven years active service to youth as an adult member is a requirement.


The following points should be considered, and should be included in the Resume for Nomination.  Please review these points, and comment on any of these requirements regarding the nominee.


This nominee:


1.                Promotes the Religious Recognitions program available to Catholic members in the Diocese and/or serves as a counselor.  Encourages non-Catholic members to participate in the Religious Recognitions program of their Faith.


2.                Gives notable service in promoting Catholic activities and service projects for the Church and shows willingness to serve on committees.


3.                Participates actively in adult spiritual motivation programs, retreats or days of recollection; enables others to participate.


4.                Gives outstanding service toward promoting and participating in Girl Scout/Camp Fire Sunday observances.


5.                Gives notable service by extending the national organizations to more members under Catholic auspices.


6.                Assists parishes and Catholic organizations in recruiting adults for key leadership positions.


7.                Is fully trained in the skills of the organization and is outstanding for his/her sense of responsibility, humility and good example.


8.                Is responsible for assisting in the transportation of Catholic members to Mass at camporees and summer camps and provides for the spiritual needs of the non-Catholics within these groups.


9.                Creates a better understanding of the aims and ideals of the organization by the clergy and laity through the Catholic press and other communications media.


10.             Is instrumental in organizing and promoting these programs for all members, regardless of race or creed, and gives leadership.


11.             Encourages the true spirit of ecumenism as well as parochial responsibility and Catholic leadership within the girls' organizations served.


12.             Fosters a good relationship with the local Council and is capable of interpreting Catholic programs to Council members.


Guide for nomination and selection for the St. Anne medal:

The Saint Anne medal may be given to any adult, lay or religious, Scouter, Campfire adult or non-Scout, Catholic or non-Catholic who has shown a consistent commitment to the formation and development of girls in Catholic troops, or Catholic girls in other troops and units. It is expected that the candidate is active and dedicated on more than just the local level as demonstrated by noteworthy activity and example at the counselor, diocesan or national level.

The following are general guidelines for appropriate candidates for the St. Anne medal. Please remember these are suggested guidelines only. Candidates should be noteworthy in personal example, service to youth and to community, and ideally influencing others within Girl Scouting or Campfire in a manner consistent with Catholic values. General Scouting achievements alone do not qualify a person to receive this medal. Although accomplishment and sustained dedication are more significant than a specific number of years in Scouting, it is expected that most candidates will have a record of 5 or more years of commitment, and that the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton medal will have been awarded to a candidate before that candidate is nominated for the St. Anne emblem.

Award Ceremony:

Bishop Braxton presides over a special annual ceremony to honor hundreds of Catholic boys and girls and Catholic adults from all over the Diocese who have earned a Catholic Scout Religious Award or Recognition.

Please complete the Nomination Form  and mail it by 1 December to ...

Catholic Committee on Scouting

Contact the


Office of Youth Ministry

Diocese of Belleville

2620 Lebanon Avenue

Belleville IL 62221-3299

Tel:  618-235-9601

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